Heavy Flow


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released March 1, 2014

Captured by Alex Quayle at Salt Studios Melbourne, and Ben Stewart at Baileys Studios Melbourne // Mixed and Mastered by Brendan Muller //

Performed by //

Hayden Annable
Ben Stewart
Ben Huisman
Sam Elliot
Ben Murphy
Michael Mcnabb
Alex Quayle
Louise Yates
Jonathan Scarlett



all rights reserved


SIRAK Melbourne, Australia

Born from necessity, SIRAK brings a fresh take on australian hip-hop. Firmly straddling genres, SIRAK borrows from a myriad of sources. Come get on board something super fun.

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Track Name: Beat Savant // PRoD WUMPY
Meet the beat savant, rhythmic seamstress,
Priest of all things down tempo,
Tape loop makes you go mental
Sacraments in the form of electromagnetic strips
Smooth glitch, scratch without the itching needle needed
No rotation here, but the gears of my walkman
Fortresses built on strokes of pens
Smokey tape spool ends, mends, and are made whole again
New life breathed into things locked away in memories of yesterday
Forgotten technology, becomes a smouldering cacophony
Of notch filtered honesty, caught by magnetic diaphragms and transferred to words not written by hand, in a language never spoken,
in a sea of unbroken binary you'll find me.

Beside this
Ghost in the machine.
Heard but never seen
Curse the final scene
It ends without relief
Ghost in the machine.
Heard but never seen
Curse the final scene
It ends without relief
Track Name: Consciousness
Been struggling a bit with this concept of consciousness
Swamped a bit, by thoughts I'm haunted, forming daunting counterfeits
I'm out-of-it, been dazed and confused, blazed and miss-used,
I've strayed from the truth, faded into the maze I stepped into.
Cos at age 12, I felt my brain swell,
opening realms of possibility to me and I began to see
Candidly, understanding fantasies are lands in me,
As real as those my hands can see so began to plan accordingly.
Calling me, a voice heard before in different forms
A swarm of hornets upon the storm, a herd of horns afoot the dawn.

But these wilder beasts bewilder me,
Willing me to see,
But I only understand a grain of sand beneath sea
Still treating these fantasies quite candidly
but I'm still commanding these
Hands to scan for grander plans
Replacing these demands to be a standard man
With ones a' grandeur in a blander expanse
Hands up, who's got a heads up man
Fed up, with state I'm in
Stand up, for the fire within
Wakeup, come on lets begin.

I chase the Zeitgeist through the dark night
Navigate by the starlight
Break through the dark side
And we wake in the hard light

Unfortunately for me
Partying's been a high priority
Pardon the pun, can't say its not been fun
but I sucked the fun from underneath
My dancing feet and now beneath there
Lies a beast
With sunken eyes,
Drunken alibis
Flying till the sun will rise
Trying drink the well thats dry
Cover the cries that're gettin nearer
Chemical grin up in the mirror
And though I try
To seize the dream and grab it
Know the Gollum hold of habit
Gotta shake this monkey addict
Groomin himself, loomin in stealth mode
Makin himself a home
In what I held closer than bone
I deserve the throne
But been served a phoney counterfeit
Fucked if I don't get out of it
Cant escape the sound of it
Cowering now, aint proud of it
The hours now upon me
To shake the hold thats on me
Lets awake the darkened army
To disarm whats armed to harm me

But I've been killing myself slowly with the drugs the government sold me
Like 2 bouncer thugs at a nightclub these fucken drugs have got a hold on me
Stolen, my self control,
Folding this hand I hold
Addiction leads to sickness
From boldness now to weakness
To simultaneously deplete the light I try to find a binding for
Droppin the ball all over the floor while I'm striven for the higher score
Face to face
With this beast that I've created
None to blame
See the man that I've become and I fuckin hate him
I'm nameless, shame has take the place of those I came with
I try to contain it, but this fears relentless, Its its got me tempted
Considering avenues I wouldn't normally use,
Confusion is the usual
Delusion is centrifugal
Its difficult, to keep my bearings as Im aware loosin you
But fuck I'm choosing to
But I swear I'm movin through this back to you
Please don't turn you back to me
I know I've acted selfishly
I can't help the hold they have on me
I need you now so desperately
The night is always darkest
Just before the dawn
Please just sing to me through this sickness
Otherwise I know I'm Gone

So I fight to make this harm right
Shake the hold from inside
And as we break through the dark side
We wake in the hard light

Trace the trail back to you
Exactly like you intended to
Face the night and move on through
Realise the light I always knew
Track Name: Misunderstood // A Nina Simone ReBuild
I'm just a soul whose intention is good
Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Super real dream reveal
I Built the wheel, all on my own
This rolling stones no home for moss anymore
Shake it off, I wake to soft now,
Comfortable behind the eyebrows.
I devour sounds, by the bowlful
My souls new, shiny, squeaky clean,
I intervened, time to mention
I'm better now than never as I was headed down,
Half breaths, Full stops after every sentence.
Periods of near beheading, sending wrong messages along,
Guillotine dreams
Even though I heard the song, her melody was wrong
Misconstrued by substances I used
Interfered with, unclear,
Tarnished armour
Unarmed kamakazi
Bar stool warmer
Former champ fantasies
Hampered me
Obsessed with whats left of the the past
Just a couple empty glasses and some faded photographs

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Back in action, though lots has happened,
Got nada to show, bazaar how fast the years go,
slip past at a rate of knots, its scary,
Not wary of all the time I've lost, try to dent the cost.
Disregard regret, accept: whats lost is lost.
Now back behind the automobile wheel
Just before we careened to the ravines floor
Saw circling four voltures holster empty
Drenched in sweat, no heart left, in the middle of the desert.
Munchin on this peyote cactus
Inaccurately mislead,
In to believing all the seeing needed is within the skin of this entheogen
Ha, Never again.
Don't be thinking I've,
Closed my third eye tight
for a life of clean whites and early nights
Yeah right!

Don't let me be this glass half empty zombie
Wandering, Reflecting back at me from the laptop screen
Don't let me be this coulda been grandpa standing in his faded jeans
Recounting scenes of who he shoulda have been.
Combat the screams, with these beats I use to treat disease
Weasel out the weakness in me
Feed the beast that eats the bleeding heart

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Lord don't let me be this ignorant submissive invalid
Wishing for a change but too insnared to move away
Lord don't let me waste another moment for regret
Another wishing what was left
Another missing whats be said
Lord let me begin to realise whats buried in my mind
And not to be misguided, Handle misunderstanding right
Let me understand that all l'll ever need is self belief
All answer come from deep within
And life is mine
So lets begin
Track Name: Lights On
I wanna fuck you with the lights on
Let me fuck you with the lights on
I wanna fuck you wit the lights on
Let me fuck you with the lights on

You're like a Pokemon
I wanna peekatchu
Creepin through your window late at night so I can sleep with you.
Speakin of sleeping, I've been dreaming of you recently
I fiend to find the reason you been sneakin in my private lucid dreams.
Fuck butterflies you give me vultures in my insides
Circling around,
Deciding when to swoop and make a move.
Like a moth to a flame
I'm into you, whats your name?
Cant shake off this feeling
Like a million hornets swarming
Getting warm in here like saunas
Wanna call your name in all directions
Fend off raging erections
Like staged interventions
I'm addict with a dick who'd like to stick it you
How'd that fit?

I wanna fuck you with the lights on
Let me fuck you with the lights on
I wanna fuck you wit the lights on
Let me fuck you with the lights on

Sister, you've got this mister fist deep
Got me weak at the knees
Feelin like christopher reeves
I wanna taste of ya lips
Not the ones around ya mouth
I mean the ones between ya hips
Let me try those suckers out
I got a package that you're
quite pleased to receive
We work like hippies and peace
And fuck like trippers love trees
I rip you to pieces
But your pleased for beating
Pleading for me to sink my teeth into your fingers till your bleeding

I wish that I had a magic wand
To turn you on
Let me be the song 
You hum along

Let me taste your blood
We make the love
Wake the neighbours
Shake me till we come

I wanna fuck you with the lights on
Let me fuck you with the lights on
I wanna fuck you wit the lights on
Let me fuck you with the lights on
Track Name: Great Homosapiens?
I've got a case to make against
All these homosapiens
Trapsing round the place
Makin a mess, and raping what is sacred.
Feel like a fish,
No longer fond of being in water
Aughta grow a pair of legs and wander from this pond
and evolve a conscience
Making me nauseous
All this noise
And whats the cause of it?
We all blindly ignore
Whats at the core of human Nature
It's pretty simple to say mate,
Hate to say it
But Its nature
fair to say that she's the major creator
The later we recognise
And try to fight against the tides
The quicker we die
Its simple as pie

Making a face whenever I state my case
Like "whats this shifty hippie talkin bout?"
Get out my face
Pretty easy to ignore
When the problems not at your door
But a few degrees more
And you'll be feel warming for sure.
We're all
consumption fiends
beyond our means
In a constant war to source
The next resource At any cost
I don't mean to make a fuss
but we're fuckin this place up
Theres only one cup to go round
And we're fast approaching running out
We should be returning to the earth not
Not discerning what its worth
We're risking our children's birth
And fisting what humans deserve
Which is eternal and resides within the eyes of every newborn child
Took me a while to decide
My lifes purpose on this Earth
But after all this hurt
Its time to heal this mind for real this time
And build this ecotopia
All hippie jokes aside
I've realised its why Im alive
So come inside
Its really nice

Moneys a funny thing
A human creation thats intoxicating
Claiming Stocks and rocks of gold are equal in its eyes
Surprisingly, as one I can hold and touch
and the others just made up.
What the fuck?
A modern day fairy tale
We've empowered to devour us
Cowering now beneath the crush
Of industrialised society we must
Simplify and find the yin to the yang
I'm thinking we can
But'll it'll take a great plan
And every woman and man

You think you manage
Think you're up to the challenge?
I recon we can all evolve
And learn to solve the problems we've ignored
And all the problems we've caused
Without a bullet or sword or even mentioning the Lord
Just as a start
I'm building an Ark outta Art
Get on board
Before it pours

We are all ignorant victims
Of archaic, failing systems
Designed on principles
Not aligned with individuals.
No reference toward
human potential at all
We dilute to meek appropriations
Doom the fate of human nations.
We cheapen what is priceless
Let dollar signs define us
The cost is what divides us
Not what lives inside us
As doomsday looms a day away
Its not too late to make a change
For our children's sake reshape our ways
Our brains are made to make intelligent steps
Then how'd we let
Our surrounds get wrecked
For a few pounds and cents
Its mental
We've all ransacked the temple
Bitten off the hand that fed you
Squandered the land that bred you
I'm not innocent either
but I'm trying to change my mind set to align with mother nature as the signs are inescapable
We're perfectly capable of shaping a place thats sustainable
Without draining the life-force of every plant and animal
Lets serve within the frame work
The earth has perfectly made for us
Crucify the ego
And realise we're all the same love
Track Name: Talk Show Ghost // Radiohead Remix // PRoD BENATWORK
I'm sick of wasting in this inner city interference
Mental Greyscale chain-mail draped across my chest
My best defend against the pressures of a set of modern atrocities
Brought about by store bought oddities, lost in a sea of common place commodities.
Cant shake off the feeling its not for me.

I'm off to see the sea and sky what ever might be in-between
I highly suggest you try to invest your dwindling time in meaning to find the meaning of life

As I have been trying hard but this sea's not easy to chart
Choppy at the start,
Get my barings by staring at the stars
Palm full of far from harmful fungus,
uncover the smiling child umoung us

Hear the mountains call from all sides
My Lifeblood runs deep, by the riverside,
Find silence the loudest cry
Get away from the city skyscrapers
And try to make the greatest escape

Breath deep release:
Peak beneath the trees
Meet the serpent first hand
As she stands strong before me
Theres more to see for you and I than meets the eye

An aztec priestess grows to greet me
Test the depths of perception freely
Beneath a canopy of banskia trees
Manifest the insight to alter the finite
Willingly we die tonight
Meet the morning light reborn
Forged in golden sight
Restore the righteous
Fight the christ metaphor
Build my own gods from things that night I saw

Sing to me softly through the trees
Move close to me
Shape shift fixed points
On fractal axles
I saw more than before
You strayed from the trees
And made me believe

With strong steps enter here
Circumvent fear, with a history of mystic healers
Fearless warriors on bare foot Odysies
Honesty our philosophies
pockets full up of what I see
To take back and shape fascination
Translate the space ships
I came face to face with
Mental makeshift rafts to chart waters no explorers
Been before,
seeing more than ever with better intention
Meetin medicine men
To remedy sins
Aquired within
By lives that've been
Clearin the slate
Hearing the ancients call
We all came Face to face with
That which is sacred
And thats whats aim is
To decipher the name
That God gave Us
Track Name: Biggest Fan
Got me screaming like Maynard James Keenan
Too much rage against the machines got me believing these MC dreams
Slim shady paved the way from an early age
Gotta be Slipknot, to blame for all this adolescent rage
Muse too played their part
In me endeavouring to perfect the art
Set the controls for the heart of the suns the one
which let me venture into territory
Never before explored in me
And Korn too's a corner stone on which I learned the ropes
Eternal hope to one day spray mics
In everyday life
Raise a champagne flute to all the bands who
Offered all the beautiful music
Thats influenced how I to do this

Fuck studying my tape of NWA
I know the part they played
And respect the path they made
But I'd rather blast my car apart
Pumping stairway or I dare say
Linkin Park
As they started this insistent fire in my heart of Hearts
We've all got the albums that introduced us to music
Thats helped us move through this
And this is just a toast to those I love most
So don't judge
Just bring the love
And stick those stinkfists up

Lets not forget
Black Eyed Peas
Listen to tracks at fifteen
Before they met Fergie
Helping me bridge the gap,
Between rock and rap
Smokin pot to fat tracks
Rockin my discman in back pack
System Of A Down blaring out the system loud
Floyd got me zooming to the dark side of the moon
And with two a clenched fist
Just a kid of 16
Dived into a Slipknot slam pit
Damn that shit was mean!
Roger Waters got me not conforming to merely believing
All I am is just a brick in a wall
Then Tool came along
With their songs
Prompted me stare inside and tear open my third eye

S I R A K reminiscing on all the tracks from back in the day
What a way to spend a life
Riding high on musical vibes
Wouldn't change it for the world
As made my creativity unfurl

Stick those fist up for all the shit you love
Wanna see a sea of hands
I'm your biggest fan, understand
From your first track
Makin you hurt your back
Worth it for the first hand understanding, not just a band
Everything you stand for
I've absorbed
Once a boy
Now a man
Makin his own noise
Impressions that you've made are true
And I thank you
Shakin your hand man, just fan to fan