Biggest Fan

from by SIRAK



Got me screaming like Maynard James Keenan
Too much rage against the machines got me believing these MC dreams
Slim shady paved the way from an early age
Gotta be Slipknot, to blame for all this adolescent rage
Muse too played their part
In me endeavouring to perfect the art
Set the controls for the heart of the suns the one
which let me venture into territory
Never before explored in me
And Korn too's a corner stone on which I learned the ropes
Eternal hope to one day spray mics
In everyday life
Raise a champagne flute to all the bands who
Offered all the beautiful music
Thats influenced how I to do this

Fuck studying my tape of NWA
I know the part they played
And respect the path they made
But I'd rather blast my car apart
Pumping stairway or I dare say
Linkin Park
As they started this insistent fire in my heart of Hearts
We've all got the albums that introduced us to music
Thats helped us move through this
And this is just a toast to those I love most
So don't judge
Just bring the love
And stick those stinkfists up

Lets not forget
Black Eyed Peas
Listen to tracks at fifteen
Before they met Fergie
Helping me bridge the gap,
Between rock and rap
Smokin pot to fat tracks
Rockin my discman in back pack
System Of A Down blaring out the system loud
Floyd got me zooming to the dark side of the moon
And with two a clenched fist
Just a kid of 16
Dived into a Slipknot slam pit
Damn that shit was mean!
Roger Waters got me not conforming to merely believing
All I am is just a brick in a wall
Then Tool came along
With their songs
Prompted me stare inside and tear open my third eye

S I R A K reminiscing on all the tracks from back in the day
What a way to spend a life
Riding high on musical vibes
Wouldn't change it for the world
As made my creativity unfurl

Stick those fist up for all the shit you love
Wanna see a sea of hands
I'm your biggest fan, understand
From your first track
Makin you hurt your back
Worth it for the first hand understanding, not just a band
Everything you stand for
I've absorbed
Once a boy
Now a man
Makin his own noise
Impressions that you've made are true
And I thank you
Shakin your hand man, just fan to fan


from Heavy Flow, released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


SIRAK Melbourne, Australia

Born from necessity, SIRAK brings a fresh take on australian hip-hop. Firmly straddling genres, SIRAK borrows from a myriad of sources. Come get on board something super fun.

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