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Been struggling a bit with this concept of consciousness
Swamped a bit, by thoughts I'm haunted, forming daunting counterfeits
I'm out-of-it, been dazed and confused, blazed and miss-used,
I've strayed from the truth, faded into the maze I stepped into.
Cos at age 12, I felt my brain swell,
opening realms of possibility to me and I began to see
Candidly, understanding fantasies are lands in me,
As real as those my hands can see so began to plan accordingly.
Calling me, a voice heard before in different forms
A swarm of hornets upon the storm, a herd of horns afoot the dawn.

But these wilder beasts bewilder me,
Willing me to see,
But I only understand a grain of sand beneath sea
Still treating these fantasies quite candidly
but I'm still commanding these
Hands to scan for grander plans
Replacing these demands to be a standard man
With ones a' grandeur in a blander expanse
Hands up, who's got a heads up man
Fed up, with state I'm in
Stand up, for the fire within
Wakeup, come on lets begin.

I chase the Zeitgeist through the dark night
Navigate by the starlight
Break through the dark side
And we wake in the hard light

Unfortunately for me
Partying's been a high priority
Pardon the pun, can't say its not been fun
but I sucked the fun from underneath
My dancing feet and now beneath there
Lies a beast
With sunken eyes,
Drunken alibis
Flying till the sun will rise
Trying drink the well thats dry
Cover the cries that're gettin nearer
Chemical grin up in the mirror
And though I try
To seize the dream and grab it
Know the Gollum hold of habit
Gotta shake this monkey addict
Groomin himself, loomin in stealth mode
Makin himself a home
In what I held closer than bone
I deserve the throne
But been served a phoney counterfeit
Fucked if I don't get out of it
Cant escape the sound of it
Cowering now, aint proud of it
The hours now upon me
To shake the hold thats on me
Lets awake the darkened army
To disarm whats armed to harm me

But I've been killing myself slowly with the drugs the government sold me
Like 2 bouncer thugs at a nightclub these fucken drugs have got a hold on me
Stolen, my self control,
Folding this hand I hold
Addiction leads to sickness
From boldness now to weakness
To simultaneously deplete the light I try to find a binding for
Droppin the ball all over the floor while I'm striven for the higher score
Face to face
With this beast that I've created
None to blame
See the man that I've become and I fuckin hate him
I'm nameless, shame has take the place of those I came with
I try to contain it, but this fears relentless, Its its got me tempted
Considering avenues I wouldn't normally use,
Confusion is the usual
Delusion is centrifugal
Its difficult, to keep my bearings as Im aware loosin you
But fuck I'm choosing to
But I swear I'm movin through this back to you
Please don't turn you back to me
I know I've acted selfishly
I can't help the hold they have on me
I need you now so desperately
The night is always darkest
Just before the dawn
Please just sing to me through this sickness
Otherwise I know I'm Gone

So I fight to make this harm right
Shake the hold from inside
And as we break through the dark side
We wake in the hard light

Trace the trail back to you
Exactly like you intended to
Face the night and move on through
Realise the light I always knew


from Heavy Flow, released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


SIRAK Melbourne, Australia

Born from necessity, SIRAK brings a fresh take on australian hip-hop. Firmly straddling genres, SIRAK borrows from a myriad of sources. Come get on board something super fun.

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