Great Homosapiens?

from by SIRAK



I've got a case to make against
All these homosapiens
Trapsing round the place
Makin a mess, and raping what is sacred.
Feel like a fish,
No longer fond of being in water
Aughta grow a pair of legs and wander from this pond
and evolve a conscience
Making me nauseous
All this noise
And whats the cause of it?
We all blindly ignore
Whats at the core of human Nature
It's pretty simple to say mate,
Hate to say it
But Its nature
fair to say that she's the major creator
The later we recognise
And try to fight against the tides
The quicker we die
Its simple as pie

Making a face whenever I state my case
Like "whats this shifty hippie talkin bout?"
Get out my face
Pretty easy to ignore
When the problems not at your door
But a few degrees more
And you'll be feel warming for sure.
We're all
consumption fiends
beyond our means
In a constant war to source
The next resource At any cost
I don't mean to make a fuss
but we're fuckin this place up
Theres only one cup to go round
And we're fast approaching running out
We should be returning to the earth not
Not discerning what its worth
We're risking our children's birth
And fisting what humans deserve
Which is eternal and resides within the eyes of every newborn child
Took me a while to decide
My lifes purpose on this Earth
But after all this hurt
Its time to heal this mind for real this time
And build this ecotopia
All hippie jokes aside
I've realised its why Im alive
So come inside
Its really nice

Moneys a funny thing
A human creation thats intoxicating
Claiming Stocks and rocks of gold are equal in its eyes
Surprisingly, as one I can hold and touch
and the others just made up.
What the fuck?
A modern day fairy tale
We've empowered to devour us
Cowering now beneath the crush
Of industrialised society we must
Simplify and find the yin to the yang
I'm thinking we can
But'll it'll take a great plan
And every woman and man

You think you manage
Think you're up to the challenge?
I recon we can all evolve
And learn to solve the problems we've ignored
And all the problems we've caused
Without a bullet or sword or even mentioning the Lord
Just as a start
I'm building an Ark outta Art
Get on board
Before it pours

We are all ignorant victims
Of archaic, failing systems
Designed on principles
Not aligned with individuals.
No reference toward
human potential at all
We dilute to meek appropriations
Doom the fate of human nations.
We cheapen what is priceless
Let dollar signs define us
The cost is what divides us
Not what lives inside us
As doomsday looms a day away
Its not too late to make a change
For our children's sake reshape our ways
Our brains are made to make intelligent steps
Then how'd we let
Our surrounds get wrecked
For a few pounds and cents
Its mental
We've all ransacked the temple
Bitten off the hand that fed you
Squandered the land that bred you
I'm not innocent either
but I'm trying to change my mind set to align with mother nature as the signs are inescapable
We're perfectly capable of shaping a place thats sustainable
Without draining the life-force of every plant and animal
Lets serve within the frame work
The earth has perfectly made for us
Crucify the ego
And realise we're all the same love


from Heavy Flow, released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


SIRAK Melbourne, Australia

Born from necessity, SIRAK brings a fresh take on australian hip-hop. Firmly straddling genres, SIRAK borrows from a myriad of sources. Come get on board something super fun.

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