Talk Show Ghost // Radiohead Remix // PRoD BENATWORK

from by SIRAK



I'm sick of wasting in this inner city interference
Mental Greyscale chain-mail draped across my chest
My best defend against the pressures of a set of modern atrocities
Brought about by store bought oddities, lost in a sea of common place commodities.
Cant shake off the feeling its not for me.

I'm off to see the sea and sky what ever might be in-between
I highly suggest you try to invest your dwindling time in meaning to find the meaning of life

As I have been trying hard but this sea's not easy to chart
Choppy at the start,
Get my barings by staring at the stars
Palm full of far from harmful fungus,
uncover the smiling child umoung us

Hear the mountains call from all sides
My Lifeblood runs deep, by the riverside,
Find silence the loudest cry
Get away from the city skyscrapers
And try to make the greatest escape

Breath deep release:
Peak beneath the trees
Meet the serpent first hand
As she stands strong before me
Theres more to see for you and I than meets the eye

An aztec priestess grows to greet me
Test the depths of perception freely
Beneath a canopy of banskia trees
Manifest the insight to alter the finite
Willingly we die tonight
Meet the morning light reborn
Forged in golden sight
Restore the righteous
Fight the christ metaphor
Build my own gods from things that night I saw

Sing to me softly through the trees
Move close to me
Shape shift fixed points
On fractal axles
I saw more than before
You strayed from the trees
And made me believe

With strong steps enter here
Circumvent fear, with a history of mystic healers
Fearless warriors on bare foot Odysies
Honesty our philosophies
pockets full up of what I see
To take back and shape fascination
Translate the space ships
I came face to face with
Mental makeshift rafts to chart waters no explorers
Been before,
seeing more than ever with better intention
Meetin medicine men
To remedy sins
Aquired within
By lives that've been
Clearin the slate
Hearing the ancients call
We all came Face to face with
That which is sacred
And thats whats aim is
To decipher the name
That God gave Us


from Heavy Flow, released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


SIRAK Melbourne, Australia

Born from necessity, SIRAK brings a fresh take on australian hip-hop. Firmly straddling genres, SIRAK borrows from a myriad of sources. Come get on board something super fun.

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